Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Scheme Disbanded September 2014

Amroth Area Good Neighbours was formed by Pembrokeshire County Council in February 2011 to provide a support network for residents in the area.

There has never been a great demand for our services, in 44 mths we have had only about 18 calls for help and none in the last 6mths.

Therefore and at our AGM this September we came to the conclusion that as there was little demand for our services we would disband.

Clearly there is a good support network in the area from family and friends for our residents.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Community Police Officers

Meet your Community Officers

PCSO 8086 Jim Moffatt

PCSO 8069 Hannah Francis 

‘We are based in the village of Saundersfoot and cover the rural villages surrounding Saundersfoot and Tenby. 
If you need to contact us you should do so by ringing 101 and ask to be put through to us. 
We are in the process of setting up our first neighbourhood watch scheme in Llanteg, if more people are interested in Neighbourhood watch please contact us.’

PACT Meetings

PACT Meeting

Come and Join our monthly Police and Communities together meeting, held 1st Monday of every month 7.00PM in Saundersfoot Bowling club. 
The PACT is very well attended, with up to 20 members of the village and surrounding area joining in and kindly raising any issues and concerns they have about the local area. 
Guest speakers regularly attend these meetings and offer insight into a variety of current affairs and projects that may affect Saundersfoot, Stepaside,  Amroth, Llanteg, Carew, Sageston, Creselly, East Williamston, St Florence, Manorbier and Jameston. 
Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings. 
The more the merrier!

If You are a Victim of Fraud

What should you do if you think you have become a victim of fraud?

Action Fraud is the UK’s national fraud reporting centre where you should report fraud if you have been scammed or defrauded.

We provide a central point of contact for information about fraud and financially motivated internet crime. People are scammed, ripped off or conned every day and we want this to stop. We believe that we can beat fraud if we talk about it.

The service is run by the National Fraud Authority – the government agency that helps to co-ordinate the fight against fraud in the UK. We work with partners in law enforcement - the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, run by the City of London Police - to make sure your fraud reports reach the right place

Report fraud and internet crime

You can report fraud using our online fraud reporting service any time of the day or night; the service enables you to both report a fraud and find help and support. We also provide help and advice over the phone through the Action Fraud contact centre. You can talk to our fraud specialists by calling 0300 123 2040.

Reports taken are passed to the police who may contact you for further information. Action Fraud does not investigate the cases and cannot advise you on the progress of a case.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Visual Impairment

If you or anybody you know are having difficulty with sight loss the following sites may be of interest to you.

Wales Council for The Blind

Royal National Institute for the Blind
Helpline 03 031 239 999
Help and support for blind people including Aids, Braille, Talking books

Guide Dogs for the Blind
08 453 727 499
Fund raising and applications for guide dogs

Welsh Low Vision Service Eye Care Wales
Did you know that if you suffer from low vision or poor eyesight you can visit an accredited optometrist free of charge and they will establish if any low vision aids are available to assist with the problem.
Low vision aids are available on loan and free of charge.

The above information is provided in good faith by Amroth Area Good Neighbours.
If corrections/updates are required please let us know.


Pembrokeshire Care & Repair

If you are over 60 or a vulnerable disabled person.
Pembrokeshire Care & Repair may be able to provide assistance to home-owners or private tenants with adaptations up to the value of £350

For an informal chat please phone 01 437 774 754

The above information is provided in good faith by Amroth Area Good Neighbours.
If corrections/updates are required please let us know. 

Community Service Volunteers (CSV)

For people over 50 who need help, friendship and advice to find new interests
Phone Rachel Evans 01 437 769 422

Retired & Senior Volunteer Programme (RSVP)

Pembrokeshire RSVP
Welcomes anyone over 50 who wants to volunteer  to help people in their community
Includes volunteers bridging the generation gap. Telephone befriending schemes
Phone Lynda Hill 07 901 551 407

The above information is provided in good faith by Amroth Area Good Neighbours.
If corrections/updates are required please let us know.
Home Heating

Difficulty Keeping Warm?

If you know somebody who is having difficulty keeping warm, free advice is available from Eco Centre Wales.
Phone Tina Shevlin on 01 239 820 235

The above information is provided in good faith by Amroth Area Good Neighbours.
If corrections/updates are required please let us know.



Timetables in Pembrokeshire

Booking Transport to Hospital

Phone 08 448 700 888

Community Transport Services in Pembrokeshire

Phone 08 007 831 584

For bookings for:-
Tenby Town Rider & Kilgetty Dial-a-Ride

For transport in Tenby, Saundersfoot and Kilgetty areas Monday Wednesday Friday 11:30- 16:30
For journeys which cannot be made by using local bus services.
Free for concession holders otherwise equivalent to normal bus fare.
Book previous day by 15:00

Pembrokeshire Country Cars

Phone Sally Prout 01 834 813 932 
Not for Hospital visits, but for areas with infrequent public transport. Run by WRVS costs slightly more than equivalent bus fares.

Cars for Carers
Helps unpaid carers in Pembrokeshire who need to make local journeys which are impracticable by public transport.
Pembrokeshire Voluntary Transport
For  local voluntary groups seeking to make owning and running a minibus more affordable
Minibus Driver Awareness is a nationally recognised standard for minibus drivers and is the standard required for all Pembrokeshire Association of Community Association Transport Organisations (PACTO)

Wheelchair Accessible Cars 

Phone Margaret Vickery 07 582 580 646

The above information is provided in good faith by Amroth Area Good Neighbours.
If corrections/updates are required please let us know. 


Safety in the home and free smoke alarms

A home fire safety check takes about an hour to complete and is generally undertaken by two Fire Service representatives. You can request a home fire safety check for yourself or a dependant relative by contacting the Service on 0800 169 1234
Your smoke alarms will be checked and replaced for free if needed.

Free Electric Blanket Checks

The fire service offer free electric blanket checks at regular road shows.
The next one we are aware of will be posted here.
If your electric blanket fails the safety check you will be given a free replacement.

The above information is provided in good faith by Amroth Area Good Neighbours.
If corrections/updates are required please let us know. 

Dyfed Powys Police

Emergency          Dial 999 or 112
Non emergency   Dial 101

Home Security Service for Older and Vulnerable people in Pembrokeshire

Basically available to people aged over 60 and disabled persons of any age
The "Bobby Van" will call on request, check your security arrangements and supply and fit a wide range of Chains, Locks, Bolts etc
This is a free service - donations appreciated
To take advantage of the scheme phone 01 267 226 428

Neighbourhood Watch

For details of the neighbourhood watch scheme please click on the following link
Neighbourhood Watch

Local Crime

For details of crimes and incidents in your area enter your postcode into the link below
Local Crime

The above information is provided in good faith by Amroth Area Good Neighbours.
If corrections/updates are required please let us know.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

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Pembrokeshire Council Good Neighbour Leaflet

The Pembrokeshire County Council Good Neighbour's leaflet is available online as a PDF.

Some text below:

What support is available to help set up a scheme in your Pembrokeshire community? 

The Good Neighbour Scheme Co-ordinator is available to support all communities in establishing a 
Offering support, information, and guidance for community members 
Help to source a start up grant
Support with Criminal Records Checks 
Good Neighbour Scheme Co-ordinator 
Pembrokeshire County Council 
01348 872149 o07824837136 

Good Neighbour Schemes 
Some people already act as good neighbours but in many of our communities in Pembrokeshire 
there are still people who need support.
As communities change some people can feel that they have been left isolated within their 
own community.
The good neighbour scheme can help to lessen the distressing effects of some of these changes, 
providing a safety net to young and old.

What are Good Neighbour Schemes? 
Good Neighbour Schemes :
  • provide easy access to help and support for all residents living in the community, should they need it. 
  • offer a friendly, local service, responding to calls for help from any member of the community. 
  • can help to ease the impact on the community caused by the decline in services and facilities such as public transport, shops, Post Offices, doctor’s surgeries, pubs etc. 
  • can reduce the feelings of isolation and exclusion experienced by some individuals if families and friends move away in the search for employment, education or affordable housing 

How Do Good Neighbour Schemes work? 
A small group of volunteers form a coordinating committee to oversee the running of the scheme. 
Volunteers are recruited from the community who are willing to help their fellow villagers in various ways. 
A mobile phone acts as the central contact number and can be passed on to different volunteers willing to be duty officers. 
A duty officer will answer a call, take all relevant information and then look for the most suitable and available volunteer to undertake the request with. 
The duty officer can also act as a link to other sources of help and information if the service requested is more appropriate to go to another organisation.

Types of services that may be offered 
  • Domestic support such as shopping, cooking, dog walking or befriending 
  • Transport to visit relatives or for leisure purpose (if normal transport is not available), lifts to appointments at the doctors or hospital or facilities such as day centres or lunch clubs 
  • Household assistance including form filling, letter writing, minor repairs and maintenance 
  • Collection of pensions and prescriptions 
  • Practical assistance with minor household repairs such as changing a light bulb or taking rubbish to the tip 
  • Help troubleshooting and using computers and electronic devises such as dvds, videos, etc. 

Some Ways We Can Help

Some ways your Good Neighbours could support you:

  • Shopping - if you are unable to get out
  • Help to get to hospital
  • Collecting prescriptions
  • Someone to pop in for a chat or to phone.

Some Emergency Contact Numbers

Electricity Faults - Western Power     0800 0520400

Environmental Agency - Floodline     0845 9881188

Gas Leaks - West Wales Utilities     0800 111999

Pembrokeshire County Council     01437 764551

Pembrokeshire Council - Out of Hours     0845 6015522

Police     101

Police - Emergency     112/999

Water - Dwr Cymru     0800 0520130

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Good Neighbours Scheme

The aim of the scheme is to unite the villages in the Amroth Community area by having an organisation which would foster good neighbourly relations by having a support network which residents could contact should they require assistance with simple tasks e.g. changing a light bulb which may be difficult to reach, reading a gas or electric meter, walking a dog when someone is not well, arranging a lift to the doctors or visit a friend, etc.

The Coordinator also has a directory of various support services that are available and may be of assistance to you.

The Scheme is available for anyone in the community to contact if they need a little help.